Our Programs

We provide youth, adults and families with unique first-hand experiences that teach how to develop relationships that foster trust, respect, communication and cooperation.  We believe that by empowering one life, we can empower individuals, relationships and the entire community.   

Empowered Lives:


Equine Empowerment utilizes experiential counseling provided by a licensed therapist which “meets clients where they are” and offers a meaningful experience using direct, in the present situations both in and out of the arena. It is a solution-focused treatment modality that is built on the premise that it is the clients who best can determine the kind of life changes they need to make in order to improve their lives.  It is a goal-directed collaborative approach to counseling that instills a therapeutic change in thoughts, behaviors and actions.  Throughout the session, the Equine Empowerment therapist uses direct observation of the client’s responses to help clients learn how to be empowered and to practice relationship principles to provide emotional growth and healing. 

empowered Riding:

Therapeutic riding

Adaptive riding provides youth and adults with special physical, cognitive, emotional and social needs.  Therapeutic riding offers recreational horsemanship that leads to hosts of other benefits, both in the arena and outside of the arena. Incorporating the whole self of the rider, including the rider’s family and caretakers in the lessons is a unique way that Equine Empowerment promotes the importance of relationships and offers an opportunity for families, guardians and riders to grow together while having fun.

Empowered Leaders:

Experiential leadership development and team building for organizations and business corporations. 


Through unique collaborations with agencies, events and organizations, Equine Empowerment has taken our work throughout the United States. These collaborations include: Humble Ranch Therapy Center, Women In Ranching, Art of the Cowgirl, The Fatherhood Program, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs, Youth Leadership Programs and Youth Day Treatment Facilities.

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