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Equine Empowerment provides experiential learning and therapy opportunities for individuals, families and groups. We believe in work that facilitates positive changes and empowers lives!

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Our Mission

The mission of Equine Empowerment is to empower brave-hearted actions and inspire positive changes in individuals, families, groups and communities

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Beth is an extraordinary communicator. She has the magic touch to empower both people and horses.
— Equine Empowerment client

My heart was so full...seeing my child with a grin ear to ear, hair blowing in the wind, RIDING A HORSE! My daughter was finally getting the chance to be a cowgirl. She CAN do this and she enjoys every moment!
— mother of equine empowerment client

Horses live in the moment.  They are aware of their environment; as prey animals their survival depends on it.  Horses show us how our thoughts and actions affect our relationships.  They show us what trusting relationships can look like.  They let us run, smile and laugh.  Horse’s empower lives.
— Equine Empowerment Therapist

The horses only respond to authenticity. Only when I absolutely believed I could get the horse to do what I wanted...only then did he respond. The immediate feedback taught me to recognize what true confidence felt like on the inside.
— Equine Empowerment Client

The connection that my son and the horse makes transcends any limitations that people may place on him.
— Mother of Equine Empowerment Rider

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